How Often To Paint the Interior Rooms of a House

How Often To Paint the Interior Rooms of home 800 x 400

Whether you’re a new homeowner, renovating or ready for a change in style, interior painting is often high on the checklist of “to-do’s”. Painting is one of those tedious tasks that it’s just easier to hire someone to come in and get it done quickly and done right.

Here is a breakdown of rooms in the home and how often you should get them painted.

Painting the Kitchen, Bathrooms & Laundry Rooms

These rooms are often the first to get painted and the most often. Mostly because they have the most traffic. And because of the high traffic, painting in these rooms does not last as long as the rest of the rooms in the house.

We suggest having your painter use more durable paints in these rooms with a lower sheen, the kitchen having a pearl or satin finish. It can be expected to repaint these rooms every 3-4 years. Your painter will use good ventilation will let some of the humidity escape and extend the time between painting.

Oftentimes homeowners may also notice that as a house settle, the joints in these rooms will start to crack or drywall screws will begin to “pop” out of the wall. These are actually not a paint issue but should be resolved before the next paint job. Be sure to mention any of these items to your painter and they should do a full wall analysis before any painting is performed.


Painting Adult and Children Bedrooms

While adult bedrooms are usually the rooms that have a long paint lifespan, the children’s room is quite the opposite.

Most children’s rooms double as a playroom most of the time and they suffer quite a bit of abuse. It is a good idea here to use top quality paint with a higher sheen and this is something that you can go over in detail with your painting company. It’s great to explore with fun colors, but use the most durable paints available and long lasting. We suggest the kid’s room gets painted more often than other bedrooms, maybe every 2-3 years.


Painting the Living Room & Dining Rooms

Despite the living room having a lot of traffic, these rooms actually do not need to be painted as often, unless it is because of remodeling, fixing the walls or change in decor and style.

Dining rooms are oftentimes being converted into studies, secondary activity rooms or offices. If you are choosing to change the function of the room, then it is a great time to fix any needed wall damage and repaint.

Our suggested painting the living room around every 5-7 years and the dining room 7-10 years.


Hallways & Corridors

The walls in a home see the most wear and tear. These areas get used “and abused” thousands of times over is the most common walking areas. Damage can happen from people’s dirty hands touching them, lugging things, banging into them with items, animals, and guests. You’ll end up with scuff marks, finger marks and possibly dents and cracks below the surface. If the paint that was used was high-quality washable paint or high traffic high-gloss paint, these walls can often be washed, but need to be repaired and repainted the most often.

We suggest having your hallways and corridors maintained frequently, washed and then repainted every 2-3 years.


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