Exterior Painting Benefits For Your Home

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There are so many incredible benefits that come with external house painting your Wisconsin home!

If your home is looking a bit drab and ready for a revival, one of the easiest and most affordable upgrades you could make is external painting.

You are probably aware that house painting can make your home look better, but did you know that it comes with a variety of other benefits as well? Here are a few of the many benefits that come with exterior painting:

#1. Home Value

Your home isn’t just where you live, cook and raise your kids, it’s also an investment. Like all investments, you want your home’s value to grow. Luckily, painting can help you do that! Studies have shown that exterior painting can actually increase your home’s value and its curb appeal.

#2. Termite Damage

If the wood in your home isn’t properly painted and sealed, it actually leaves it exposed to termites and other pests that can damage your home. The good news is that a simple paint job can reduce your risk of termite damage.

#3. Cost vs. Value

As far as home updates go, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more affordable option. Not only is painting more affordable than other options, the value it adds to your home will help you recoup your investment.

House painting comes with so many benefits that go far beyond just making your home look good. Would you like to learn more of the benefits of exterior painting? If so, please stay tuned for our next blog.

9 thoughts on “Exterior Painting Benefits For Your Home

  1. Kylie Dotts Reply

    I like how you said that you want your home’s value to grow because of the fact that it is an investment. Exterior painting seems like it would be small, but increasing the curb appeal could do a lot of help raise the price. If it draws the eye, more people would be more likely to look at and purchase it which would mean healthy competition in the pricing.

  2. Oscar O'Malley Reply

    It’s interesting that you mentioned that painting your home can reduce the risk of termite damage. I’ve never thought about that before. My wife and I are planning on doing some renovations before we sell our home. I think painting it would be a great idea, and really make the house look great.

  3. Todd Stauffer Reply

    I like how you said that it is important to remember that your home is an investment and you want the value of it to grow. It makes a lot of sense that hiring an exterior painting service can be one of those things to help the value grow a little bit. That way you can end up selling your home for way more than you bought it.

  4. Candice Eisenhower Reply

    I agree with the fact that painting the exterior of your home well can protect it from wood-eating pests like termites that can destroy your home at any point. This reminded me of my mom who had her new home built without having it painted yet. I’ll share what you posted in here so I can convince her to hire an expert to paint the exteriors of her home.

  5. PPaint Reply

    This exterior painting looks very addictive and the way that you describe all that major functionality of the process is really amazing.

  6. House Painters Denver Reply

    Great article! Home value is definitely a reason most of our clients call on us. We do a lot of jobs where homes are about to be put up for sale and a fresh coat of paint surely helps with curb appeal. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Syed Fasih Reply

    Home value is one of the best reasons for painting the exterior of your home. It can really make our house stand-out plus if you’re planning on selling it you will get a higher appraisal for a freshly painted home! It’s also god to point out that a good painting company will fix any sort f exterior damage to your house to complete the job

  8. George Worth Reply

    It’s valuable that you mention that you can help prevent termites from damaging your home by having the exterior painted. I’d like to protect my home from termites, so I’m thinking about having the exterior painted by a professional this summer. I’m going to search for a reputable provider of exterior house painting services in the area that I can employ.

  9. Albert Hill Reply

    It’s cool that you explain how having the exterior of your home painted can improve its resale value. I want to put my home up for sale in October, so I’m thinking about hiring a professional exterior house painting contractor this July. I’m going to search for a good painting contractor in my area that can paint the exterior of my home for me.

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