o (1)Affordable Deck Staining

CC’s Painting can enhance the beauty of your Pewaukee home and protect it from extremes of Wisconsin weather. We go the extra mile by preparing the surface of your Pewaukee home to ensure that your deck staining by CC’s Painting will be the last your Pewaukee home needs for many years.

Deck staining will enhance the beauty of your outdoor deck and protect it from the extremes of Wisconsin weather. 

Affordable CC’s Painting will go the extra mile by preparing the surface of your deck to ensure that deck staining will be the last thing your deck needs for many years.

The staining process is necessary to protect those outdoor surfaces to last for many, MANY years to come. In addition to deck staining, we also provide deck cleaning and deck sealing.

Deck Cleaning

Our team of professionals will do the “dirty” work for you. We pressure wash the surface to remove dirt, spots, and mildew and then strip away old stains and sealants. After that, we will apply a fresh coat of wood stain or adhesive to protect it from the harsh Wisconsin environment. Our services are not limited to just decks. We can clean and restore all outdoor hardware types, such as fences, gazebos, and pergolas.

Deck Sealing

The sealing process takes time and energy that we don’t mind because we know the outcome makes your outdoor environment beautiful and new again!

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